Top 5 Mistakes to avoid when making your Ankara Book


Hey, how was your first Ankara book making experience? Let me know in the comments below!

Whilst making the video, I realized that there are some common mistakes people make especially during their first few trials so I thought it would be wise to let you know about how to avoid these mistakes. I outlined five (5) of them to make it easy to grasp.
  1. Try to minimize your glue as much as possible ( if you have watched our ” How to make an Ankara Book” video training, see link here , you would probably notice how I applied my glue carefully) Plus applying so much glue to your book, doesn’t mean it’ll stick more instead it makes it all rough
  2. When cutting the material for the book, ensure it’s cut to shape. Not too much and not too little.  You can either measure the original size of the book and add a few inches or place the book on top of the material and mark it. I mean, why waste material right?
  3. Folding the edges in a triangular way, not rectangular . Your edges come out sharper and neater this way.
  4. When gluing the white pages to the hardcover, give yourself a few seconds before moving on to the other side to avoid any wrinkles.
  5. Make sure you glue the middle of the book – that tiny part where the Ankara sticks out, before pushing it in. (When I first started making books, I used to just push it in without gluing that part but a few customers got back to me about that part sticking out, it was then realized how important it is to glue)

If you apply these tips properly, your Ankara Book would really stand out!


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