DIY How to make an Ankara book

Hello beautiful & handsome people,

I just realized that the Ankara training video I referred to in our last post wasn’t uploaded here yet. Pardon my manners *covers face*

Feel free to ask any questions you might have and I would respond immediately. like ASAP *winks

Also! tag us in your First Ankara Book picture on IG, Twitter or Fbk with this handle @senero_ng

See you next Tuesday!

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2 thoughts on “DIY How to make an Ankara book

  1. That was a good watch. I like your flow and ease the entire time. But why didn’t you do the video of making the cover with the face and the glasses? The other book that’s three quaters the size of the one for the video?
    Nice video tho

    1. Hi Oluchee,
      Yay our first comment…lol.
      Awwww…I’m glad you enjoyed the tutorial. Thanks for the compliment.
      Oh the book with the face design falls under our Advanced Book Module training, but I would see what I can do about that 😉

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