Day: April 25, 2017

How To Make Super Cute Ankara Earrings

Hello my DIY-ers 🙂

So I tried to see if you would prefer the Video or Picture tutorial. From the stats, the number of the views on the last picture tutorial was quite low (and I thought I was saving our mb’s o?) or  do you think it was the password ish? (Plix tell me if you know o)

This time I decided it’ll be best to leave it open. This week, I’d be showing you a picture tutorial of how to make super cute Ankara Earrings in 5 steps.

Materials needed:

  • Buttons (can be easily gotten from a tailoring shop)
  • Scissors / Blade
  • UHU Glue / Super Glue
  • Flat earring hook

As usual, I’m using my baba UHU …. this glue is really old o, it should be given some


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