How To Make Super Cute Ankara Earrings

Hello my DIY-ers ūüôā

So I tried to see if you would prefer the Video or Picture tutorial. From the stats, the number of the views on the last picture tutorial was quite low (and I thought I was saving our mb’s o?) or ¬†do you think it was the password ish? (Plix tell me if you know o)

This time I decided it’ll be best to leave it open. This week, I’d be showing you a picture tutorial of how to make super cute Ankara Earrings in 5 steps.

Materials needed:

  • Buttons (can be easily gotten from a tailoring shop)
  • Scissors / Blade
  • UHU Glue / Super Glue
  • Flat earring hook

As usual, I’m using my baba UHU …. this glue is really old o, it should be given some


Step 1: Separate the plastic button back from the metal button front

Step 2:¬†Wrap your square shaped Ankara material around the metal button front and glue (make sure your material is enough….this is not a time to mince material o)

Step 3: Cut off the plastic part sticking out using a blade or scissors and wrap the plastic back button the same way you did for the front button and glue neatly

Step 4:¬†Gently place the two parts of the button together and hold for some seconds. This part can be quite tricky but if you’re not in a hurry and you take your time, you’d avoid those ugly glue stains.

Step 5:¬†Now is the time to use your flat earring back! Apply some glue to the flat side and then press firmly to the back of the earring. Make sure you don’t let go until you feel it has successfully glued.

Thennnn wait a while for your earrings to dry properly.

Tada! We’re ready to show off our fine earrings!

So… was it?

Btw if you still want me to upload the video, kindly comment below, depending on the number of requests I would upload the video….you know I like my students happy ?

Have fun learning!

See you next Tuesday.


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