How I Wore My Ankara Products For GT Food And Drink

Hello awesome people,

So this post is long overdue, I know…..don’t worry I’ll make it short.

GTBank Food and drink

First of all, who likes my first flatlay attempt?  When I heard of the GT Food and Drink event ( 30th of April and 1st of May, 2017) , i’m like even if I don’t like food I must go; I mean, someone might just stop me asking me where I got my bag from or my phone case or my Ankara Collar (spoiler alert: no one asked me though) but some people made positive comments about it, which was good shar.

In all, the event was greaaatttt, I saw people as far back as my secondary school. Big thumbs up to GT Bank for organizing such an amazing and well-coordinated event plus the event planners, brilliant minds I must say!

Ooohhh then this awesome photographer turned IG friend @Zimmani took my picture, I never knew it’d even turn out fine but oh well *covers face*

So how do you like my combination?

Ankara outfit to GT Bank

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