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Ankara Crafts Workshop

Ankara crafts training

Yes! We’re so excited. It’s our first ever offline Ankara Crafts Workshop!

Most people are always wonder how these Ankara Crafts are made, most importantly how to stand out in the over-crowded market. This is what prompted the need to set this up. (more…)

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How To Make Stud Ankara Earrings (with hand – no machine)


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How To Make Super Cute Ankara Earrings

Hello my DIY-ers 🙂

So I tried to see if you would prefer the Video or Picture tutorial. From the stats, the number of the views on the last picture tutorial was quite low (and I thought I was saving our mb’s o😫) or  do you think it was the password ish? (Plix tell me if you know o)

This time I decided it’ll be best to leave it open. This week, I’d be showing you a picture tutorial of how to make super cute Ankara Earrings in 5 steps.

Materials needed:

  • Buttons (can be easily gotten from a tailoring shop)
  • Scissors / Blade
  • UHU Glue / Super Glue
  • Flat earring hook

As usual, I’m using my baba UHU …. this glue is really old o, it should be given some


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Native Fridays #2!

Happy Friday everyone 🙂

So I actually thought about it, how about we have Native Fridays every Friday! Yup yup! Meaning every Friday on the blog, we’d upload pictures of people who have tagged us in their pictures and the people I also scout for *covers*

Senero guy wearing blue native


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