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How I Wore My Ankara Products For GT Food And Drink

Hello awesome people,

So this post is long overdue, I know…..don’t worry I’ll make it short.

GTBank Food and drink


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DIY How To Cover Your Old Bags Using Ankara Fabric ( very easy steps)

Yes it’s another #DIYtuesday ! Another week to learn something new. I decided to spice our trainings up! Yup. This week I would be teaching you on how to revamp your old bags using Ankara Fabric.

Throwing old bags away is no fun at all, especially if you’ve developed a sort of connection with the bag. ? Yes it’s good to give out things you know you don’t need but then again, that doesn’t mean you should give out bags that look deader than dead. I mean you’re giving a human being too you know. (more…)

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